We are in the process of imparting trainings to farmers for enhancing their capabilities and harness the best from their hard work.

We help the farmers understand the practical aspects of the technologies and also demonstrate the technical features at all necessary places.

Here is a sneak peak into the major trainings we are delivering.

Hydroponic Farming

Key Highlights

  • Learn the basics of Hydroponics

  • Learn how to Setup your system step-by-step

  • Learn to make your own nutrient solution

  • Grow Your Own Food

Farming Business Skills

Key Highlights

  • Major types of farming practices

  • Major types of agribusiness

  • Benefits of farming as a business

  • Challenges to farming as a business

  • Key Facts about Farming as a Business

  • Key Actors and their Roles

Farmer’s Marketing

Key Highlights

  • Basics of agricultural marketing

  • Supply and demand

  • Costs, income, prices and profit

  • Types of markets

  • Changes in markets

  • The value chain

  • Developing marketing strategies

  • The four Ps of marketing

  • Entrepreneurial spirit