The team


Deograsia Ignas

Deograsia Ignas is an MBA and is keenly pursuing her interests in administration and management. Her zeal to serve the community and transform the lives of smallholder farmers motivated her to lay the founding stones of Agriwezesha.

Flugenia Bamhiga

Flugenia Bamhiga is a B.Sc in Agribusiness and is majorly interested in exploring modern farming techniques. Her passion for helping farmers to improve their economic status played a key role in launching Agriwezesha.


Thabitha Lucas

Thabita is an MBA and is enthusiastic about marketing. Her inclination towards marketing and entrepreneurship has played a key role in joining the NGO.

Lupiana David Mwambungu

Lupiana is an advanced Diploma in Accountancy and has been exploring the accountancy and audit aspects of the NGO.

Christian Myowela

Christian is an M.Sc and is contributing in the field of Project Management for the NGO. He has been handling the planning and execution of the initiatives of the NGO.