Agriwezesha has been able to bring a ray of hope in the lives of many . We have been able to positively influence the agricultural produce of 2500 farmers till now and the journey is continuing with full vigour. Presently our focus is on enhancing the productivity and market reach of cereals and vegetables. Following are the success stories of our initiatives.

10% Increase in Yield of Tomatoes for Magurudumu Farmers Group

A group of 10 farmers from Morogooro, Tanzania were facing challenges in implementing modern farming techniques . They were also unable to get optimum returns from the markets for their crops. Agriwezesha team identified the areas which would help the farmers in reaping the benefits for their hard work. We trained the farmers on modern farm practices and the group was also connected with the markets to sell their harvested crops. The group started harnessing higher returns which is evident from a 10% increase in the yield of tomatoes.

Market Availability of Sweet Peppers increases by 8% for Pangawe Women Group

A group of 12 farmers working in Morogoro,Tanzania were encountering difficulties in marketing the harvested crops. We addressed their concern and connected them with the markets. Now the Pangawe Women Group is able to reach the markets and the market availability of sweet pepper has increased significantly by 8%. The satisfaction of receiving the results of hard work is visible in these farmers. Their satisfaction motivates us to get ahead with more energy.

Farm Income of Misongeni Women Group Rises by 9%

This is the story of a group of 8 farmers from Morogoro, Tanzania . Tomato production was an extremely tough task for them . We supported them by explaining the basics and the methodologies of tomato production. We are glad to share that they have successfully harvested tomatoes which raised their income by almost 9%.